Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was flipping through various blogs the other day. Since I havent been on here very long I was curious what other people were writing about. Most of them had interesting things to say.

I then ran across one that I still haven't stopped thinking about. I guessed that from her writing style to be in her late teens/early twenties. She was actually 29. Regardless. In her profile she listed she had a "prejudice against ugly people." Ugly people? As in if you're ugly don't add yourself to her blog.

I then decided to read her blog. She also stated that anyone offended by her pictures shouldn't look at them. You can see why I was struck that she must be young and immature. I then looked at her pictures. There were boobs everywhere. I mean they barely fit in the frame and there were like 20 of them. So that would be 40boobs I suppose. Only one was of her face. While she wasn't one of the ugly people, she certainly wasn't one of the beautiful people.

So now I am curious. Curious what her definition of ugly is. I have ugly days. I also have super hot days. Is she basing this on what she finds ugly? I mean I have issues with funky teeth but I won't avoid and seperate myself from those who have orthodonic issues. I also wonder if all she bases herself on are those enormously gaudy boobs. Hi! Hello! Here are my boobs! Love me!

Perhaps I am prejudiced against other women who seem stuck in 7th grade.


  1. When I read that she was 29, I thought it was me at first and panicked! But of course, my blog doesn't say anything that awful, nor is it full of boobs. I don't think I've even mentioned boobs before. I don't think I've even mentioned breastfeeding :) However, I'm curious now! I hate things like that. Especially when people say things like "if you're offended, don't look", or "it's just the internet- if I say I don't like you, get a life and don't worry about it". I have a life, but I always end up thinking about things like that for a very, probably unsettling, long time. Some people are more offensive than even they realize.

  2. it wasn't you! I added you for crafty antics! And the armadilla!

    Anyway. I'm not sure what her issue was. You know how people carry on about how they have awesome self-esteem but it's really just a cover for how horrible they feel? In the process of the fake self-esteem they just become ridiculous and shallow. It annoys me. Plus it drives me crazy when girls do the whole +if you don't like my photos don't look at them+ routine. Clearly that is a way TO GET people to look.

    To which my husband questions WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE!!! I'm not sure why. I do know it bugs me though!