Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poodle School Drop Out

I did forget to mention one pleasant thing during my battle with the flu this weekend.

I had to pick MiMi up from the groomer's (Janna's Doogie Do's And Kittie's Too!)only to find that she was still a shaggy mess. Not only that but she was in a crate away from the other dogs. Apparently her normal groomer wasn't there so she started terrorizing the poor woman trying to do it. So now this dog looks tore up and I doubt we'll be able to go back to that groomer.

Mimi...Das Poodle Rebel!Photobucket

After swimming tonight I came home to a bed with fresh linens and breadsticks. There is a trade, though. I have a seriously grumpy husband who I am close to cramming a bowling pin up his nose. Some day I will be Dr and Mrs...some day. Just be patient grasshopper.

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