Friday, June 5, 2009

Cat Stuff

Operation Anal Express is complete. Zeke was not happy but his anal glands were dandy. To reinforce this he crapped and peed in the car on the way home. Hurrah. The vet was impressed I have such an old cat and he's not on life support.

I love our vet. Aside from having CAMELS he's very reasonablely priced. For Zeke's entire visit plus his arthritis medicine it was only $68. Compared to the cat place in Broad Ripple where just an office visit was $134.

As an aside I don't think even vets should say the phrase the anal express thing is only $10.

Why does hearing that make me wish I were in San Francisco?

I mean Chicago has the Manhole why shouldn't San Francisco have the Anal Express?


  1. He has camels?? Like... his own real camels? That's crazy! I want a baby one. Aw I would name him LaRue and sew little capelettes for him! Fancy boy.

    There was a male strip club in Seattle called The Golden Banana once. Actually- you know what, I think that was just an April Fools joke. But it's still funny to think about.

  2. Yes! He has like 5 of them. Plus llamas, cows and some farm animal I don't know what. Like a goat or something.