Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dream 1:

I am out driving along a country road. I see a roadside stand selling honey. I stop and taste the honey. It's nothing I have ever tasted. The beekeeper offers to show me the hives and where the bees hang out. I end up following him around for hours. We then get married while both wearing beekeeper suits.

While this just screams of some Nicholas Sparks bullshit I really want some of that honey!

Dream 2:

Everything in this dream takes place exactly like the death of my grandmother with a few differences. The main ones being that in the dream I have three grandmothers in their respective caskets all dressed like Carmen Miranda. Including the fruit hat. As if this alone was not bad enough occasionally during the service all three corpses sat from the waste up and started singing as if in a Mariachi band.

I never saw my grandmother in a casket b/c that is not proper burial. However, despite being Polish and catty, I think she would have liked this service much better.

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