Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I got mail from Poland! today! This is really exciting for me. My grandparents were from Poland as well. To be exact- Brzyska. That is another story and I won't get into it at this time.

How cute is she??


And with a lime green envelope no less? Favorite!


  1. Yay! It made it! :) So it took a week for it to reach you, not bad, not bad! :)
    Youre grandparents were Polish? Did they speak Polish? Do you know any words in Polish? :)

  2. You have not gotten mine yet?? Hopefully it will show soon!

    They spoke both Polish and Yiddish. I know more Yiddish than Polish. I regret now not paying more attention to learning the language.

  3. I think it will come soon!
    So your grandparents were Polish Jews? Wow, you have quite a hure heritage and interesting roots!